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  • Writer's pictureRabbi Raffi Bilek

Pornography Addiction

This is a serious subject, and one that is coming up increasingly in the Orthodox community.  A dorm counselor I spoke to who is working on this issue once gave me an estimate that 90% of his students are watching porn online – and he is not at any kind of remedial place for off-the-derech kids.  I spoke to Rabbi Dr. Twerski about the problem as well, and he lamented that he has seen frum people of the highest caliber become addicted to porn.  It is a truly worrisome issue. I have been developing a program to bring to Ortodox schools, but so far – unsurprisingly, and unfortunately – I have not found any that are willing to bring it in.

If you or someone you know is struggling with this problem, your first stop should be the Guard Your Eyes website.

Here is an article I read recently that I found poignant and relevant.

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