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Our Services

We provide online coaching and religious guidance online, for a variety of issues relevant to the frum community. We are also available to speak on a variety of subjects in our expertise.


Please contact us if you would like to bring us in for a presentation either in person or via the web. And check out for more on the Rebbetzin's specialties!

Some of the topics we have spoken about include:

  • Shalom Bayis

  • Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community

  • Dating Violence & Shidduchim

  • What Rabbis Need to Know about Domestic Violence

  • Healthy Relationships (for dating-age men and women and/or their parents)

  • Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community

  • How to Talk to Your Kids to Keep Them Safe from Sexual Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse Training for Camps

  • Parenting Perspectives

We also do cultural competence training for a wide variety of groups, such as:

  • Police officers

  • Physicians

  • Domestic violence response teams

  • Sexual assault response teams

  • Child protective services

  • ... and more.

We can speak on these topics to any audience you can think of.  Please be in touch if you are interested in a training.


The fee for a single 50-minute session is $200. 

Free 20-minute initial consultations available.

Sliding scale options available on as-needed basis.
Insurance not accepted.


Cancellation policy: No charge for sessions cancelled 24 hours in advance.
50% charge for sessions cancelled within 24 hours. Full charge for no-shows.

For speaking engagements, rates can vary. 

Please contact us directly for more information.

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