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  • Writer's pictureRabbi Raffi Bilek

Sexual Abuse Books for Kids

On Ha’ yesterday there was an encouraging article on the success of a new Hebrew book designed for the Chareidi (ultra-Orthodox) community which teaches kids how to stay safe from abuse.  The fact that such a book finally exists is a major milestone – though from what the article says, it seems that it’s a bit watered down to meet the community’s need for modesty.  Nonetheless, it is certainly helpful, and it is a great first step in addressing this issue in the community.  If you are raising your kids in Israel, it is definitely worth your while to get a copy!

A similar book, Let’s Stay Safe, was published in America not long ago by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, who has been trying to address this issue in the Chareidi community for a long time. He has done us all a great favor by putting out this book.  I have a copy which I read to my kids, and I would certainly recommend it. (I get no kickbacks from R’ Horwitz for saying that!)

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