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  • Writer's pictureRabbi Raffi Bilek

I Need Your Shoes!

I am running a used shoe drive to raise funds for my new nonprofit, K’nafayim!  The shoes are refurbished and sent to the developing world, while I get a small donation for every pair collected.  Here’s an article in the local Jewish Magazine The Where What When – check it out, and help me spread the word!

Also, if you are so motivated, click here to designate K’nafayim as your charity of choice on Amazon and they’ll donate .05% of your Amazon purchases to me! Shana and Avi had only been married three years, but already it seemed like they were headed for divorce. All they ever did was fight. The tension in the house was constant, and they could hardly remember why they had gotten married in the first place. As far as either could tell, the only reason they were staying together at this point was for their one-year-old daughter Malka, whom they both loved dearly. But Malka had an unusual medical issue that took a lot of time, energy, and money to address. Shana and Avi were physically, emotionally, and financially stressed. It had been suggested to them a number of times to seek marriage counseling, but that was simply never in the cards. Their insurance had told them it wasn’t covered, because it was not a medical issue – at any rate their deductible was astronomical – and they couldn’t afford to pay out of pocket. They were getting increasingly overwhelmed, resentful, and hopeless.

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