You’re struggling.


Something isn’t working in your life right now, and you’re looking for guidance. You want someone with a Torah background and a solid hashkafa, but you can’t find the right person.

Maybe there aren’t any frum therapists in your area to talk to. Or maybe there’s a few of them, but you all know each other and it just wouldn’t work. Or maybe you just live somewhere where everyone knows each other’s business and you want to be sure of your confidentiality.

I can help.

I have semicha and a master's degree in social work. I can coach you through a variety of difficult situations you might need help with, whether you’re stressed out and anxious, or feeling down and depressed. I work with couples and family issues of all stripes, providing guidance from an authentic Orthodox perspective and experience in the mental health field. If you need help with shidduchim, shalom bayis, or chinuch, if you're having trouble at home or at work, I'd love to help you navigate through it.

Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation or more information at

For those who feel more comfortable speaking to a woman, my wife Chana, who was fortunate to get her master's degree in Jerusalem, is also available for online coaching.

דְּאָגָה בְלֶב אִישׁ... יְשִׂיחֶנָהּ לְאחֵרִים   ~ סנהדרין ק:ו 

If a man has worry in his heart - let him speak of it to another. ~Sanhedrin 100b

--Rabbi Raffi Bilek, LCSW-C

Things CAN be different.

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*Note that we do not provide psychotherapy for clients who are located outside Maryland. For online clients in other jurisdictions we offer religious guidance and personal/relationship coaching. 

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