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  • Writer's pictureRabbi Raffi Bilek

Check out the new book!

Didn't you know? I write children's books on the side, largely to deal with issues in my own family. Actually, entirely to deal with issues in my own family. I originally started making these because I couldn't find any books to say exactly what I wanted to say. Only much later did I make them available to the public.

This newest one is the story of a girl who has really big feelings and struggles to manage them well. If you have any children who... well, any children at all, this is probably a familiar situation for you. And some kids have bigger feelings than others. That's okay. They just need a little extra help learning how to manage them (they call that "self-regulation" in the therapy biz).

I hope others will find this book helpful in their families as well! Find it here on Amazon. (Don't forget to leave a review!)

Check out my other books too at

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