Other Services

I do a lot of speaking on the subjects of my expertise, which are relationships, domestic violence and sexual abuse.  Please contact me if you would like to bring me in for a presentation either in person or via the web.  Some of the topics I have spoken about include:
  • Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community
  • Dating Violence & Shidduchim
  • What Rabbis Need to Know about Domestic Violence
  • Healthy Relationships (for dating-age men and women and/or their parents)
  • Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community
  • How to Talk to Your Kids to Keep Them Safe from Sexual Abuse
  • Making School an Abuse-Free Environment
  • Sexual Abuse Training for Camps
I also do cultural competence training for a wide variety of groups, such as:
  • Police officers
  • Physicians
  • Domestic violence response teams
  • Sexual assault response teams
  • Child protective services
  • ... and more.
I am prepared to speak on these topics to any audience you can think of.  Please be in touch if you are interested in a training.

You can see some recommendations of my public speaking services at the FrumCounselor LinkedIn page.