Sunday, August 12, 2012

Halachos of the Internet

This weekend I came across a booklet on the halachos of the internet (offered for free out of a cardboard box in my shul).  I immediately grabbed a copy, eagerly expecting to discover exactly how many issurim de’oraisa I am violating every time I pop open the internet.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by what turned out to be a pretty useful set of topics, such as whether having a webcam on can resolve a yichud problem (yes) or whether you are allowed to use someone else’s wi-fi without asking them (no).  A rather useful booklet for an Orthodox Jewish therapist who is heavily invested in internet usage.  I believe it was written by a learned person in Monsey, NY.  You can actually see the whole thing online (ha!) at

kuntres ha'internet behalacha


  1. It was authored by Dovid Lichtenstein in Monsey, a talmid chakham & an amazing person. He runs a shabbas chabura near his home in contemporary halakhic problems.

    (Having merited to attend a shabbaton at his home, I was permitted to reach into his box of some few thousand self-published copies of that kuntres and bring back into town a few of them, one of which apparently made it into that schul's library, b"H. Glad it found its way into your hands and from there onto your blog, Raff.)

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